Do you want to stop being a people pleaser so you can live your life fully?

Join me for this FREE Workshop Series of 4 weekly 45 minute zoom meetings which will help you discover how you can have a life of love, kindness, and beauty!

Imagine you could stop the need to please others:

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Learn to say "NO",

Pause before agreeing to accept responsibility that is not yours,

Learn to create boundaries that protects you while allowing you to move forward to the life you desire.

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Hi, I am Victoria!

I help my clients set boundaries that allow them to flourish professionally and personally. My motto - "if something or someone is holding you back from growing and thriving, then it is time to evaluate the relationship or situation".

I have spent most of my career supporting others so that they could thrive professionally. I did this with my relationships as well. In doing this, I forgot about my needs until it was almost too late. I have worked tirelessly to get to the root of my personal need to please others. I found the trauma that set the stage for my use of "people pleasing" as a means of survival. I am now "woke" to the person within me who wants to help others to begin their life's journey to find a place of inner peace, love, and beauty.

I am a master life coach who helps you find the path that is meant for only you which begins with self-care.

Be Kind to Yourself.

- Victoria

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What you will learn:

Assess your current balance & self-care levels.

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What are your specific self-care needs?

The Power of "NO"!

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What will you receive?

A workbook and journal that will reinforce what you learn in class and enable you to take your next steps to Self-Discovery and Finding Your Passion.

Live Recording of each Zoom Training.

A free 30 minute session with me to determine if you are ready to take the next step to living the life you love.

Your benefits

  • Learn what it feels like when you practice self-care.
  • Learn what it means to quit beating up on yourself.
  • Learn what your needs are when you aren't "dancing around" someone else's needs.
  • Learn how to say "NO"
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Dr. Fran Oates Bates

Social Justice Coach

& Teacher

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Sometimes knowing what you want is the hardest to define.

My career had stalled and I was not in a supportive work environment. The only thing I was clear on is where I didn't want to be. I wanted someone to help me bring forth my vision for my life. Victoria asks the tough questions and won't let go of a thread. She helped sort out what was important to me so I could focus my energy and get my dream career.

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

I met Victoria Nash as a participant in one of my workshops and later as her life coach. During both meetings Victoria powerfully modeled skills on how to separate from negative energy. She developed multiple action plans that assured successful relationships. As a life coach, I know how these skills assist Victoria to be a masterful life coach who helps others discover their own power.

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Quotation Mark

Cara Irvine

Realty Consultant

I knew I needed help with time management, organizational skills and generally learning when to say yes and moreso learning when to say no. When I finally took the plunge and decided to hire a life coach Victoria was like an angel to me. Just having someone neutral to bounce things off of in a safe environment was fundamental for me. She helped me accept the fact that one cannot make everyone happy and in trying to only depletes us of our strength in every way leading eventually to burnout which manifests itself in many different ways. It's not exactly that we don't know what to do in these situations, but it's finding the right person to help you implement the skills needed to get you there. I rely heavily on Victoria for all her wisdom earned from her many experiences but I also rely on her friendship. I am blessed to have her in my life.

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